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Organizing with Feng Shui a Tutorial

Organizing with Feng Shui - a tutorial, will teach you to bring order and experience more clarity, and a heightened sense of well-being by creating a fresh pathway for strong vibrant Chi (energy) into your home to nourish yourself, your home or office, garage or whatever room you choose, to nourish your energy. Take your home or garden to another level - one of peace and harmony. Selling - how about home staging this can make a positive change and sell your house sooner rather than later.  Maintaining will ensure that you will continue to have a pleasant experience.

Do you have bedlam, mayhem or even chaos in your home or garage?  Let me help you bring order to your life with Feng Shui and create a calm space that looks fantastic too. Bring order and experience high energy levels, more clarity, and a heightened sense of well-being by creating a fresh pathway for strong vibrant Chi (energy) into your home to nourish yourself and your family.

Call Margo, who is a Certified Feng Shui Organizer & Home Stager, expert baby proofing Member of the Florida Home Staging & Interior Re-Design at 850-656-3858 for a quote.

If you would like to learn on your own my tutorial will help you clear your clutter with Feng Shui; How to live with rather than against nature; I will teach you to surround yourself with beauty, gentleness, kindness, sympathy and various expressions of calmness, and peacefulness; I will teach what clutter is all about; and a wealth of information to help you clear your clutter.

$6.99 (plus shipping and handling) is a small price to pay to what you will learn with my tutorial.  Use the PayPal link below for safe online payment. Allow time for shipping and handling.

Quality air is essential to your level of harmony with the universe, so try adding an air purifier to your home. Though most of our discussions about "air pollution" concern outdoor air, indoor air is also a problem. Many contaminants are found inside closed home or office spaces, but air purifiers will collect the dust and allergen particles and help keep the air you breathe cleaner.  Also, there are several plants that will eliminate indoor toxins, pollutants and even formaldehyde, my tutorial will teach you the top ten plants to bring in to you home or office, let them do what they do best and that is clear the air and fill it with oxygen.

  • Once you have clean air to breathe, breathe it in and out slowly, noticing each breath you take, and realizing its importance.
  • Be aware of occurrences around you. Synchronizing is an example of those astonishing little events that occur naturally, if we are only aware enough to notice them. It is much like intuition; you have a “feeling” about something, either good or bad. If you pay attention to those feelings and keep track of them, you will find that they all add up to play a bigger part in your life. What may seem like insignificant occurrences can actually be contributing to a positive or negative energy flow.
  • By staying attuned to what Feng Shui teaches, you can help guide your destiny down a desired path.
  • Be aware of your environment place objects and images of positive feelings around you, and you will promote a more peaceful, and a serene attitude towards your daily life.

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