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                                               My Services
I provide quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in Tallahassee Florida and the surrounding areas. From remodeling to new construction, from a living room or garage. You will receive expert and dedication to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs. Home Staging. re-design or baby proofing your home is available. If you would like to learn on your own order my book "Organizing with Feng Shui a Tutorial". As seen on ABC.

I am an expert baby proofer and will help you get your home so that it is safe for baby. I will survey your home and recommend what needs to be changed, anchored down, removed, cover-up or hide. Babies and toddlers have a sneaky way of getting into all types of mischief. It's my job to help you keep them safe!

Margo is also an artist. Her goal is to create timeless designs that will last a lifetime; she has been designing and making jewelry for over a decade. Because all jewelry is hand crafted and beads and findings are purchased in large quantities Margo is able to provide you with the best quality jewelry at the very lowest prices.

Making Feng Shui Work in Your Life
I am committed to helping you make Feng Shui work in your life and make your life full of riches, loving relationships, successful careers, joy filled families, calmness, peacefulness and have the time to experience them all! When you are in a place of clutter you are stressed, depressed, and otherwise negative feelings overpower your life because of the chaos, clutter and unwanted energy you have in your life.

Getting started with Feng Shui can be easy when you start with the Feng Shui basics and gradually move on to the more complex Feng Shui levels. Baby steps - that is what it takes to get you through your clutter and chaos. Experiment with different ways and find what works best for you. For the daily or weekly use, you want an easy space clearing solution that after a while becomes a habit.

Before you can implement Feng Shui into your life, you must first clear the clutter. Your life would improve tremendously if only you can free yourself from the devastating amount of things you have in your home and life.

When you undertake any organizational task, there are three key components that will come into play; which includes sorting what you keep, what to give away and most importantly what you dispose. Even more importantly maintaining and staying organized in your space, and I will show you how to do that. The initial process of organizing may be time consuming but the results will be well worth.

More Tips

Living a lifestyle that combines the Feng Shui goals of harmony, serenity and peace can be quite beneficial for both you and your family. The practice of Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China. It has become more popular in the West over the years because of its minimalistic approach.   


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